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New for 2013 - The Sonic Poetry of Jaap Blonk




The YappoPhone brings the sound poetry of Jaap Blonk to the touch platform.

For this collaboration with Avant-Apps, Jaap recorded a special set of sounds. Each of the image buttons triggers a unique sound. The numbered buttons change the instruments performance mode. The button images are from Jaap's visual poetry series "Facial".

The YappoPhone is a sample playback instrument with a touch interface for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Our app provides the ability to play multiple sounds simultaneously, continuously repeat selected sounds and the ability to sequentially step or play through a sound as a series of small fragments.

YappoPhone is free and available now in the Apple App Store.

About Jaap Blonk

Jaap Blonk

Jaap Blonk (born 1953 in Woerden, Holland) is a self-taught composer, performer and poet.

He went to university for mathematics and musicology but did not finish those studies. In the late 1970s he took up saxophone and started to compose music. A few years later he discovered his potential as a vocal performer, at first in reciting poetry and later on in improvisations and his own compositions.

As a vocalist, Jaap Blonk is unique for his powerful stage presence and almost childlike freedom in improvisation, combined with a keen grasp of structure. He has performed around the world, on all continents.


Screen Caps

Screen Caps


Avant-Apps creates experimental sound, music and multimedia applications for mobile devices.

YappoPhone is free and available now in the Apple App Store.


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If you are having trouble using the various performance modes in the YappoPhone app, please see the Performance Modes section below.

Performance Modes

The YappoPhone has 3 different performance modes.

  1. The one shot mode is very similar to the traditional sample playback istrument. You press the button and the sample plays one time.
  2. The step loop mode lets you step through the sample in small sequential chunks providing a "cut up" typ of sound.
  3. The multi shot mode allows multiple instances of a sample to be quickly stacked on top of one another resulting in doubling or chourus or even reverb type effects.

The YappoPhone sounds are all equal power panning samples. To hear the panning, plug your device into headphones or stereo amplification. See your device manual for assistance.

One Shot
In One Shot mode a sound will continue to play for as long as the finger is pressed on a button. The sound will play at least once and will always complete. Keeping a button pressed and keeping it pressed past it's sounds end will cause the sound to replay and repeat for one more shot. As long as the button remains pressed when a sound completes, it will replay for another shot. This allows you to keep that sound repeating for as long as you like.

Step Loop
In Step Loop mode a sound will play for as long as you hold your finger on the button. When you lift your finger the sound will not reset itself to the beginning, it will remain at the point at which you stopped it. Pressing again will play the sound right from the point at which it previously had stopped. This mode allows you to step through a sound in small fragments. When the sound reaches its end it will return to the beginning and continue. This allows you to loop through a sound in small fragments.

Multi Shot
In Multi Shot mode each time a button is pressed a new instance of the sound will be triggered. Each instance will be "one shot". This mode allows you to overlap multiple instances of the same sound.


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